Raise of The Commuters

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In 2009, is an initial period of increasing activity of commuter flights. For example, in 2008 only a few commuter operators that operate in Banjarmasin : Pelita Air and Riau Air. But in the year 2009, there are numbers of operators who operate commuter flight routes from / to Banjarmasin : Trigana, Kalstar, Susi Air, and Jhonlin Air Transport.

Number of users of air transport services within 5 (five) years is still estimated to grow relatively high. This is because of the factors of facilities and infrastructures of other transportation modes are still limited, while that in line with the essence of local autonomy program, whereby each Local Government, especially in Kabupaten level, competing their investment opportunities and development programs of their own regions, which impact on the increasing mobility of peoples between regions.

With an increase in business activity and investment in remote areas are supported by Local Governments to open the air route into the area, will open up opportunities for commuter operators  for the developing world.

The classic problems of  most of air operators (commuter) in Indonesia, is inability to provide  aircrafts in accordance with needs and market niche.

This occurs because there is no balance between the operational and marketing aspects. Most of The Executive of Commuter Operators prefer to place the operational aspects as the main function and considers marketing as only an additional function.

Facing the ASEAN open sky policy in 2020, The Commuter Operators in Indonesia needs to start thinking about placing marketing function as one of key management functions.

It’s a tragedy, if someday, there’s foreign Air Operator fly over our own continent and grab all of the opportunities, just because we didn’t prepare for it…..


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Aviation Business (Commuter) Opportunities

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